Teaching Math In A
Thinking Classroom

An engaging in-person workshop of strategies for teaching understanding, problem-solving, and number sense on August 13, 2022

How to use Singapore Math so your class...


Conference Overview

An engaging overview of strategies for teaching understanding, problem solving and number sense – the building blocks for success in the 21st Century. Join us for a hands-on exploration of the benefits of this approach! Learning math for the future can be great!

Your Instructors

Kathleen Jalalpour and Corrinne Lieu are nationally recognized math educators and Singapore Math® trainers.

Kathleen Jalalpour

Kathleen Jalapour is a veteran and award-winning Math teacher with 40 years of experience…[Read More]

Corrinne Lieu

An experienced Math teacher from Singapore who taught in Singapore before she moved to the Bay Area…[Read More]

Workshop Highlights

– Teachers will participate in solving challenging problems using manipulatives and group collaboration. Each is followed by a discussion about that experience – how did it feel What is the advantage of this approach? The difficulties?
– “Find 3 Ways” – Practice seeing number bonds visually, showing 3 alternative strategies for a given calculation, and discussing how to apply this to the teachers’ own classroom.
– Games. How to use manipulative-based, strategy-building games to practice content.
– How to plan a long, incremental unit of study, which might take weeks/months in a concept-based classroom, and be sandwiched around other units that take less time.
– How to choose the most vital content for these long units.
– Enrichment, depth and challenge – how to meet the needs of fast-paced learners.
– How to give struggling students the time they need to gain mastery of essential concepts.
– Word problems and model drawing practice.
– Formative and continuous. How to check for learning as the unit progresses.
– How to avoid tracking by “Leveling” assessment within a heterogeneous classroom.


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