More HW examples

Three more examples of homework.

Our next unit is Patterns, but as we move forward, we continue to review fractions and word problems visually and computationally (Levels 1 and 2) on homework. Some students will need weeks of practice on these two skills visually before they are mastered conceptually. Homework is a great place to allow them to continue solidifying those visual skills. Faster-working students will sail through Levels 1 and 2 in a few minutes and have time to work on challenge problems.

As a fun challenge, we are also asking them to figure out Babylonian Numbers (base 60). Some find it daunting at first, but more fun (if they try it!) with time. We don’t spend class time on this, since it’s in the challenge section. We’ll follow up later with other ancient bases, so we let them warm up to Babylonian numbers over several HWs.

HW#3    HW3key

HW#4    , HW4key

HW#5    , HW5key




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