Weeks 5 -6

Each lesson takes one or two class periods. Don’t rush! If a lesson takes longer than planned, it still involves learning, so that’s fine. Each file is editable — make it your own ! All we ask is that you give us feedback. What worked? What didn’t? What questions came up? Write to: ThePiProject@gmail.com

  1. Cuisenaire Fractions #1

Cuisenaire rods are wonderful manipulatives! If you have some, they are excellent at teaching fractions. If not, there are several online sites that offer virtual versions of math manipulatives. This activity uses a “silent game” mode for part of the lesson.

Link to list of online manipulatives.

(Link to Puzzle Point instruction page)

4. Egyptian Math Practice

Quiz #2 – What about Assessment?

Link to blog about the philosophy behind our assessments.

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