Each lesson takes one or two class periods. Don’t rush! If a lesson takes longer than planned, it still involves learning, so that’s fine. Each file is editable — make it your own ! All we ask is that you give us feedback. What worked? What didn’t? What questions came up? Write to: ThePiProject@gmail.com

  1. Ice Breaker and Logic

We find that logic problems and brain-teasers even the playing field for students. Suddenly, it’s not about speed, it’s about thinking and communicating that thinking clearly.

Survey is informative only – do any of these attitudes change over the year?

2. Eight Men, a Tiger and a Lady

Start with another logic problem with a highly cooperative approach. Then read Frank Stockton’s classic “Lady or the Tiger” – a story that opens the gates to many more logic problems.

3. Making Fraction Strips

Folding paper strips to create fractions is a highly tactile and efficient way to build a linear understanding of fraction parts.

4. Play Capture the Circle

Games serve the purpose of increasing engagement, reinforcing learning, and teaching strategy. Strategic thinkers know how to prioritize, analyze, set goals and evaluate progress.

Video Link : How to Play Circle Capture

5. Toblerone Day

The one-time investment in 4 or 5 Toblerone bars for the class is worth it. It allows you to forever more speak of fractions in terms of “a 12-peak Toblerone, a “9-peak” or an 8-peak Toblerone. We’ve found this clears up multiple misunderstandings – around common denominators, mixed and improper fractions, and equivalent fractions.

6. Fraction Word Problems

The combination of “Toblerone” language and hands-on use of blocks allows this lesson to get fairly complex, without losing students.

Note – Teacher’s Notes below each slide.

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