More on Assessment – Takeaways from our Second Quiz

Quiz 2 Word doc here:   Quiz 2

This quiz only had 3 questions, since Quiz 1 took too long.


This student has made progress since last quiz (when he had all the bars different sizes. This time, 2 of his bars are the same, but the 3rd bar has a different size. We’ll schedule time to work with him on this. Back to the Toblerones!


This student shows good understanding. The only thing missing is to simplify 4/12.   We tell students to look at their fraction template, and see if there’s a matching fraction length closer to the top of the mountain. (the fraction template sort of looks like a mountain going up to 1/2.)



Good work – she’s got it!




This student has made progress since last quiz – she’s very close. She realizes that the $9 have to be subtracted from the $49 because those $9 aren’t necessarily the same amount as the other units (boxes).  The only mistake is counting the boxes wrong. There are FIVE, not six, which is why she couldn’t finish. Easy to fix 🙂

prob2ncThis student shows good understanding. Often our fastest students (We call them ‘racers’) aren’t great at neatness and showing work! We have 4 years to work on that. (5th – 8th grade, when they graduate). This student is at least showing work 🙂



This student made a good start. Her model is correct; her only mistake is that she divided by 3 instead of 2. Somehow she counted the EMPTY space as one of the water units. Easy to fix !



This student has the correct answer, although again, we’d prefer at least one equation to show how she got that answer.


This student has shown thinking and was able to complete the problem without a model, which is fine.






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