One Review Lesson

Time for a review lesson. Alpha Beta Gamma is a game we introduced in a September post:

WEEK THREE – Activity TWO – More Word Problems

Here are the PowerPt slides:

CW 10_18 review

And here is a solution key:

abg review

Some photos of the “Duplicator Lab” activity at the end:

Level One students build the solution. It’s important to realize that they see their work as challenging. Keeping track of the recurring duplication is a big task, and they feel pleased when they arrive at duplication event 10. They seem to recognize that they’re working at full horsepower!


Level Two students begin writing a table of the solution, as soon as they can visualize how the duplication events occur.


Level Three students find the solution non-visually. Because they see patterns quickly, they proceed directly to the abstract recording of the pattern they saw: each term is the sum of the term directly preceding it and the term two steps before that. Because they self-identify as speedy in math , they get pleasure from carrying the calculation into 5- and 6-digit sums…  We neither encourage nor discourage this algorithmic flight of fancy. We accept their need to dazzle!


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