Back-to-School Night

We’re hosting Back-to-School night tomorrow. Here are our editable slides that can be either projected or printed out for parents. Break a leg!

Slide One – Math Philosophy  BTSN1

Slide Two – Homework Guidelines BTSN2

Slide 3 – How Can Parents Help With Homework?   BTSN3

Slide 4  – “Puzzle Points” Guidelines  BTSN4     Note:  “Puzzle Points” are optional puzzle packets we give out about 2x a month. Students do the ones they like, and hand them in. After they’ve collected a certain number of points, a student can choose a toy (mostly fidgets) from a prize box. The puzzle packet contains puzzles like 1 or 2 Logic Puzzles from this website, and/or 4-8 Battleships from here, maybe a cryptogram from here, or a puzzle from Mathpickle , or puzzles from the Beast Academy books. (and that’s just a beginning – go ahead and explore!)  Don’t make the packet too long at first.

Some students who thought they don’t like math actually find they enjoy puzzles. (a few don’t, but keep trying to find a sweet spot!)  So much of math is about attitudes to learning.

P.S. the link on slide 4 is excellent. Research-based defense of productive struggle!




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