More Word Problems


1. Two More Fun Warm-ups Reviewing Word Problems

We have seen our 8th graders struggle with algebra problems that involve “the number of bills” and the “value of those bills”. They can write x + y = 27 if there are 27 five and 10 dollar bills altogether, but stumble over the value equation:  10x + 5y = 210 when told that the 27 bills add to a value of $210.

So we decided to try to start such distinctions earlier – 5th and 6th grade. Here are 2 Power-Point Warm-Ups that help students begin to make this journey.  As always, use manipualtives (we used Cuisenaire rods and Monopoly money, but any blocks will do) and give them time.

Word Problem- Money


Word Problem – Pears

Photos of the “Money” Problem:


2. Order of Operations Lesson

This is a more traditional lesson, since it represents a convention that mathematicians follow to avoid misunderstandings.

Order of Op

Since we are also 8th grade Algebra teachers, we insist on good algebraic form – what we call the “Sacred V”.

Photos ofooo1.png classwork:ooo2.png


3. Homework

Here are all the HW assignments from the last unit, plus their Solution Keys:

HW#1  HW#2   HW#3   HW#4   HW#5    HW#6    HW#7    HW#8   HW#9

HW Keys 1-9


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